To Everything That Was, and Everything That Will Be

Each year is a continuous cycle of an alike revolt and rotation, but in fluctuates on how the milliseconds are used up. 2017, it’s been great. Ups and downs, one hell of a ride. Thank you and a wonderful goodbye! 2018, be what you want, do what you ought to do. My heart is ready. I am born ready.


Once Upon a 28

​There are no perfect love stories. No perfect people. Even a beautiful thing we called magic can turn into something tragic. Only love—no, only true love can break a person’s idea of perfects, only true love can travel beyond a galaxy of stories which aren’t perfect, but are definitely for the books. Friendship is the... Continue Reading →

One Team, One Fandom, One Family, One Big Fight

Earsplitting cheers. Life-size banners with beautiful faces and motivating words. Cute blue headdresses and fancy periwigs. Crazy face paints and noteworthy balloons. Different blue and white shirts. Different styles and strategies, but all are united for one team. Often dubbed as the crowd's favorites, the team with the strongest hearts can always bank on their... Continue Reading →

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