Onwards, Bea de Leon

“One day…..one day. :(( #UAAPVolleyball”

“You’ll watch me block them all :>”

“One day, I will play at Araneta with her in front of a thousand people, doing what I love to do.”


The big stage, the crowded arena, the respected taraflex.
UAAP volleyball was once just your dream, your hope.
All the titles, the fans, the chances, were once just trances of your subconscious.
You were once just a nobody, someone that people will only pass through down town.
But you dared.
You gambled, you risked.
And now, you have transcended, you are already living that dream.
And it is all because of passion, heart, and hustle.


“#14, rookie, Bea de Leon!”


You started your collegiate career as a starter, you almost got the Rookie of the Year chip.
But you chose to hold a bigger one – the UAAP Volleyball championship plum.
It must be truly rewarding to be a champion in your first year with a dream team.
You had a choice – whether to let pressure get into you, or let pressure bring out the best in you.
You chose the latter.
Through your eyes, we saw a fighter, a brave soul, a skilful eagle with a heart no one could ever outshine.
You made us see how high hard work can take one’s dreams.


“14, team captain, Bea de Leon!”


In just a split of a second, you were suddenly playing your last season.
In just a second, from a rookie, you became the captain striving to be a champion.
No one was ready, no one will ever be.
Your intensity, your passion, all of you – you are irreplaceable.
You made the court so much different – with your screams, and your runs, your eyes.


Without any word, you told us how much you want this.
Your fist, your chest – told us how much you’d want to get things right.
Your emotions, your tears, made us see how much you want to fight.
Your spikes, your blocks tell us how much you love the game, how far you’d go for it.


Your gesture pointing above, made us see that you are more than just the skills, more than just an athlete.
You are a woman with a mission.
Your eyes burning with intensity, made us believe, made us trust.
Your smile, made us see the beauty of your soul, inspiring us in any way possible.


Five years of heart and hustle, of constant struggles and successes, of questions – to continue the dream, or abort the mission.

Thank you for choosing to fight.

Thank you, for letting the world see the magnificence of your entirety.

Thank you, Captain, for teaching us what heartstrong, trust, and courage truly means.

We will always thank the universe for it led us to you.

I hope we made you feel the things you deserve – our faith, love, and support.

It is so hard to be your fan, but this is the road I have chosen, and I eventually would end up choosing, all over again.


Bea de Leon, your heart runs deep.

It is so hard to let you go, but in this life, I know that you have to be where you were made to be.

The rest of the world deserves to see your heart. Go out there, and let them.

Started as a champion, ended things right as a champion… And a finals MVP.
Thank you, #14, Isabel Beatriz de Leon for the five years of one big fight.

Onwards, lady eagle.


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