Once Upon a 28

​There are no perfect love stories. No perfect people. Even a beautiful thing we called magic can turn into something tragic. Only love—no, only true love can break a person’s idea of perfects, only true love can travel beyond a galaxy of stories which aren’t perfect, but are definitely for the books.

Friendship is the most solid foundation to start a tower of an intimate relationship. Two people who started as friends. Friends who turned into best friends. Best friends who hopped islands together. Best friends who donned blue and white together. Best friends who gave pride to their alma mater together. Best friends who fell into the grounds, and got up, together. Best friends who became each other’s greatest fan, each other’s crying shoulder. Best friends, turned into a ship. A ship, turned into something magically real.

Love, indeed, does move in mysterious ways.

From sweet tweets and cheesy instagram posts, from picture-perfect stolen shots and endearing videos, this #KiefLy tandem never failed to give chills, good vibes, and “kilig” to their shippers. They never failed to send hopeless hopes to the sailors of their ship, too. Hints were dropped. Clues and indications has been spreading throughout the huge perimeter. There were even motives, delineating something wonderful. Everyone has been anticipating for a scoreboard revealing the real score between the two. And finally, May 4, 2016 broke the iced walls and answers were exposed. The night’s breeze blew just like t’was Valentines Day as the King and Queen Eagle already sang the melody of their love.

Everything was almost our idea of perfect. Until something wrecked the abyss out of their relationship. It broke the internet, the news, and the papers. Others even judged them, threw septic words, and poisoned opinions. Some thought, it would be the end of something-we-thought-would-last. Some thought, the idea of #KiefLy would remain as an almost perfect love, broken by fate. But no. Maybe you just can’t separate true love. Maybe you just can’t break true love. Maybe, true love is really the strongest force on Earth, overcoming, overpowering, and conquering everything. And maybe, just maybe, nothing can ever beat a joint power of love between two people who are meant to be together.

And as our favorite ship continue to sail as a real and legit couple for a year (and counting), 

Here’s to the unconditional love the Phenoms showed us.

Here’s to the edited pictures, which eventually evolved into real ones.

Here’s to the sleepless nights, as we wait for their posts and replies.

Here’s to their competitive souls, bringing unique greetings every month.

Here’s to the trials, which turned into strengthening factors.

Here’s to everyone who believed and stayed with them in the middle of the storm.

Here’s to everyone in this fandom, who fought, smiled, and cried for them and with them.

Here’s to Kiefer and Alyssa, for not giving up on each other, despite of the toxic eyes and mouths of the world.

Here’s to our patience, as we hope to witness a phenomenal turning point in the lives of these legends- the time when Alyssa Valdez and Kiefer Ravena won’t exist anymore, the time when they would be rolled up in one one, being Mr. and Mrs. Ravena.

Two-inspiring student-athletes who gave so much pride to Ateneo. Two phenoms who slayed two of the greatest sports. Two brave souls who stood up and fought for the country. Two individuals who keep on inspiring other people. 

Goals? Goals. But #KiefLy is more than those.

Love doesn’t come off easy. It isn’t perfect, either. But they managed to withstand all of life’s tests and remained with each other’s arms, well that is pure and legit #RelationshipGoals.

Kiefer Isaac C. Ravena and Alyssa C. Valdez. They may not be a typical once upon a time story that ends with a happily ever after, but they, too, have a story to tell. 

A story which started once upon a 28, a best-selling story that will never have an end.  A story that will last a lifetime.


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