​Mistakes are choices we decided to take. Mistakes are intentional paths we chose to walk in. They are inevitable, nevertheless, controllable. Human as we are, we sometimes tend to encircle incorrect choices which made us the subjects of people’s painful predicates. But no matter how wrong and erroneous those may be, mistakes will never define who we really are. They will define what we will be. And everything is in our command. Will we let these mistakes draw us into nothingness, or will we use these mistakes to bring ourselves into something great?

Kiefer Ravena’s issue has been circling a long time now and this one’s maybe a little bit late. But I believe nothing’s too late for one’s dispositions to be unmuted as much as it’s not yet too late for the King Eagle to admit his mistakes and start his engines into the right way. 

Sure, what he did was purely an enough reason to hate him.  It was immoral, nonsense, dirty, bad, and all the negative superlatives ever spoken. It was an act of cheating, dishonesty, covetousness, and everything in between. What he has done was an enough reason not to admire, support and idolize him anymore. Certainly, he has lost a lot of fans by this time now. But not me, not us.

A bunch of people has been asking my viewpoint with Kiefer’s issue, so now I’m giving you all the treat. I have seen the viber conversations before the news climbed at its peak but I only shrugged it off, thinking that was just some sort of a desperate hater who can do nothing but interfere with Ravena’s life. Even until the issue was all over social media and televisions, I kept on believing that it was not him. But not until I saw an interview with Kiefer not confirming nor denying it. That was when I knew. It was him. I felt sad. I was disappointed. I was hurt. I was hurt because I defended someone guilty. I was hurt because I can’t believe that he can do such thing. I was hurt because he did it to Alyssa Valdez. However, the big deal is not because it is THE Alyssa Valdez, but the fact the he is THE Kiefer Ravena. The King Eagle. The Phenom. The one we idolize, not just as an athlete, but as an individual as a whole.

But who am I to spread hate? Who am I not to forgive? Who am I to bash? Who am I to dictate Alyssa’s decisions? And even if I have a choice to either support him or not, I decided to stick into being one of Kiefer Ravena’s loyal fans. Upon entering the fandom, I promised myself that I will always have his back, through thick and thin. Isn’t now the right time to prove that? It is. It is the right time to prove that I will always be by his side no matter what. But that doesn’t make me less of an Alyssa Valdez fan. In fact, AV was the first ever athlete I idolized and supported. I love her, and I love everyone she loves- including Kiefer Ravena. I know Alyssa is smart and strong. Whatever her decision may be, she will have my support. Whatever their decision may be, they will always have my support. #KiefLy is my main ship, my OTP. No matter how far or deep the destination of this ship may be, rest assured, I will always be with them.

I support Kiefer Ravena unconditionally. Whatever circumstances the universe may give him, nothing will change. Yeah sure, he has mistaken. That was a wrong choice. A wrong move. An incorrect action. But he’s only human. I know he learned something from what happened- a big lesson much more than just “being maingat”. I know he will use this as a turning point to become better. Because it’s not yet too late to change.

Shoutout to everyone who chose to support our King Eagle despite of the storm he went through. We will always have your back, Kief! Millions may throw rocks on you, but we will always be right here, still cheering for you. 

#Kieflying Kiefer Ravena! We will always #KiefOnBelieving!

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