One Team, One Fandom, One Family, One Big Fight

img_4792Earsplitting cheers.

Life-size banners with beautiful faces and motivating words.

Cute blue headdresses and fancy periwigs.

Crazy face paints and noteworthy balloons.

Different blue and white shirts.

Different styles and strategies, but all are united for one team.

Often dubbed as the crowd’s favorites, the team with the strongest hearts can always bank on their devoted and faithful supporters. The time the fans spend, the bucks they use up, the miles they travel, and all of the things they risk just to cheer their hearts out are undeniably everything a player wishes to have.

In every breath we, fans, take and in every move our idols make, every choice we all choose to take, we will always be one. They may not know us personally, they may not be aware of our existence, but what matters most is that they know that they’ve got that One Big Fam who will always be at their service.

So here’s to everyone in this fandom who cries when they cry, and smiles when they smile.

Here’s to everyone who always got the eagles’ back through needles and spines. Here’s to those victories we celebrated with them and lamentations we wept with them. If they’re genuinely happy, we are too. If they aren’t, we aren’t too. They got bashed, we attack. They were hurt, we throw bombs. They’re down in bended knees, we kneel and help them stand up. They’re flying high, we look up and feel proud.

Here’s to everyone who shouts “One Big Fight!” Those who hold banners and cheer aloud as they fight. Those who prayed for their happiness and triumph. Those who believed that they will, and they can. Those who hoped that they can get up, if they’re down. Those who never stopped supporting them, even if they’re not the greatest ones. Because for us, they would always be the best ones.

Here’s to everyone who retweets their tweets. Those who likes and favorites all of their social media updates. Those who haven’t missed every tiny piece of their happiest moments. Those who take time to message, greet, tweet, tag, congratulate them, and post about them even if we have that 2% of chance to get noticed, or at least for our messages and posts to be gotten and appreciated. Here’s to those hardships we’ve been through just to have a photo. To those crazy tactics we use just to grab their attentions. Here’s to those phones filled with their photos and videos. Those unexplainable feels we get if we finally got notifications from them. Those indescribable kind of proudness every point, every set, and every game. Here’s to those hashtags who became trends. Those ships we hoped will sail. And here’s to all the joy, grief, and love we shared with them and for them.

We’ve grown so big. From 0 to 100 real quick. So cheers to everyone who are willing to swim depths for the lady eagles- to the Alyfinity who has been there from the start, with or without Alyssa, to the exceptional fan pages and incomparable fan accounts, to the ever loyal fans all over the world, Team Arena, Team Bahay, Team Twitter, or Team Live stream, we will always be one. Is it worth it? Yes, and it will always be. One fam for this one strong team. And together, we will face tomorrow’s one big fight.

So keep tweeting, posting, cheering, and supporting. As they continue to soar up high, we will continue to yell how proud we are. We won’t stop believing. We will trust the process. We will let go of expectations, and we will let God. We will always be there for our ladies. Because they are worth every cheer, every mile and every dime.

To the other fandoms, support the team you love instead of bashing who you hate. Because you can never bring us down. You lay a finger on our girls now, you’ll regret you did after a minute. Because you messed with the wrong fandom.

To the Ateneo Lady Eagles, we will never get tired to support you. We will believe in you even if you have ceased to believe in yourselves. Even if we no longer have voices, we’ll still cheer for you at the top of our lungs. Even if we no longer have hands, we will continue to give you applauses that you deserve. Even if we no longer have feet, we will stand for you and we’ll stand by you until the end of time. Because love knows no limit, and the heart knows no range. We can’t stop and we won’t stop.

This isn’t just the girls’ game.

This is ours.

We will face this battle, together.

As a family.

As one.

Let’s do this, fam!

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