Alyssa Valdez: She’s Only Human… or is she?

We’ve seen her fall down a lot of times. We’ve seen her shed tears. We’ve seen her down in bended knees. We’ve seen her struggle… from diving to kneeling to tumbling. And we’ve seen her stand up, fly high, and come back… stronger, mightier, higher than ever.

What do we expect? She’s the Queen Eagle. She’ll be flying high, always. She will never let arrows hit her. Never will she give up.

Because spikes may be blocked, serves may not be good, blocks may not be solid, hands may get tired, feet may knock down, knees may get hurt, but Alyssa’s heart knows no range.

So here’s for Ateneo’s former captain, Bureau of Customs’ captain, the Face of Philippine Volleyball, who brought her teams to the finals and hopefully, to the crown. Different teams, same results, same big fight.

Here’s for that girl wearing jersey #2, who has always been solid in good and bad times.

Here’s for that smiling lady who has always been fighting, either her team is up with 5 points or down with 15 points.

Here’s for that strong girl who, after committing errors, just turns around with heads down, and can still manage to go back to her teammeates and lift their hopes up.

Props to Alyssa Valdez who, at her present achievement and capabilities, never failed to amaze us. She has been doing her thing, always. Either it’s with Team Besh, or against Team Besh. With Dennise Lazaro as her back-up, or with Lazaro digging her attacks. She maybe is tired, exhausted, and fatigue, but never did she let us down.

Props to our all-around player. Our spiker, setter, blocker, and libero. She is always lit. From offense or defense, she’s unstoppable.

Pure talent, pure heart.

She falls down, because she’s only human. But she comes back everytime like nothing happened.

Are we sure Valdez is not a superhero?

Because she’s always been saving dead balls and dead games.

Name it, she have it.

But the best thing about her? It seems like she’s not aware that she’s great. She remained as the same Alyssa we’ve known since the start. The humble one and the beast in the court.

Because she is the best volleyball player in the Philippines,

Because she has always been standing up,

Because she believes that her team can,

And because she has that strong heart,

Alyssa Valdez, are you human?

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