Because One Day

Because one day, everything will change.

You will no longer receive good morning and good night texts from him.
He would no longer be waiting at the front of your room every dismissal.
Those midnight conversations, those deep talks will be erased from your day-to-day activities.
No more dates.
No more epic surprises.
No chocolates and flowers at your front door.
Be ready to say goodbye to those I love you’s.

Because one day,
Everything will change.
You won’t be his world anymore.
You would no longer be his top priority.
Worse, you will no longer be included in his list.

Because one day,
Everything will change.
He will go.
He will walk away.
Away from your touch, your smell, your smile.
Away from you.

Because one day,
He will run.
He will chase his dreams, and reach them.
He will strive for his family.
He will fly very high.
He will be successful.
And you can’t do anything, but be happy for him.
When that time comes, everything will be fine.
No, you won’t be hurt.
Rather, you’ll be thankful to your old self.
You will be proud of yourself because you walked through the right path, you chose the right choice.
And that is to…
Let him go.
Because if you won’t,
He will be locked inside your sweet embrace.
He can’t think of himself and his family anymore.
Because he thought, you are his world.
But truth is, you’re not.
So, let him go.

Because one day, everything will change.
Let him strive and face his own battle himself.
And you, you must strive and face your own battle yourself too.
Allow him, and permit yourself to go separate ways.
No, not in the same direction.
Because if you’ll continue to make each other as the only world you revolve around, the prize isn’t as extravagant as the one you’ll get if you’ll chase it on your own.
Don’t be drowned in that silly little thing you call “Love”.
You aren’t even sure if that’s love yet.

Because one day, everything will change.
If both of you already had achieved your ultimate goals,
That is the time when you can create thore ‘relationship goals’.
Enjoy life.
Don’t rush things.
Whoever is meant to be in your life, would always gravitate back, no matter how far they wander.
Be ready to face reality.
Prepare for tomorrow’s one big fight.
Keep your heart strong, and your faith stronger.

Because one day,
Everything will change.


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